Heroku Postgres and PowerBi

I've been continuing to receive a very positive response on my custom connector project inspite of the release in August of PowerBi's native support for DirectQuery. The reason being: similar to my own employer Finexio, there is a large number of startups depending on Heroku as an infrastructure platform. The primary issue being that when you attempt to make the connection in PowerBI using the native PostgreSQL connector, it depends on a certificate to make the connection secure. [Read More]

PowerBi August Update

In something of a completely unexpected but very happy twist of events, the PowerBI team has decided to include an update to the native PostgreSQL connector which allows for (Beta) DirectQuery support. More info here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-august-2019-feature-summary/#postgresql PostgreSQL native integration update As a result, I have committed some of my latest changes and published my first “dev” release here: https://github.com/sgoley/DirectQuery-for-ODBC-in-PowerBI/releases/tag/v0.1-beta However, as a result of this news, I'll most likely ceasing updating the project in general until I get further updates around the features that will be supported in PowerBI's native connector. [Read More]

On Premise Gateway Resource Links

My submitted github issue for powershell command to set gateway anchor for cluster:


Powershell support for gateway clusters:


Radacad powerbi gateway:


Definitive guide:


Using PowerApps and Flows to Refresh PowerBI Dataset

Table of Contents TLDR Use Case Microsoft Flow Powerapps Powerapps Embedded Visual Alignment Outcomes TLDR Made a microsoft flow to trigger powerbi dataset refresh. Embedded a powerapp into powerbi report that contains trigger / button for said flow. Refresh button for powerbi dataset underlying report? Read more to find out! Use Case I originally started out looking for ways to cause a powerbi dataset refresh from a report. [Read More]