PowerBi August Update

In something of a completely unexpected but very happy twist of events, the PowerBI team has decided to include an update to the native PostgreSQL connector which allows for (Beta) DirectQuery support. More info here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-august-2019-feature-summary/#postgresql PostgreSQL native integration update As a result, I have committed some of my latest changes and published my first “dev” release here: https://github.com/sgoley/DirectQuery-for-ODBC-in-PowerBI/releases/tag/v0.1-beta However, as a result of this news, I'll most likely ceasing updating the project in general until I get further updates around the features that will be supported in PowerBI's native connector. [Read More]

DQ with Enterprise Gateway for PostgreSQL

Table of Contents TLDR ODBC DSN Installing and Managing a Personal vs. Enterprise Gateway Direct Query / Custom Connector settings for Custom Connectors PowerShell Module Service Setup TLDR This is to establish how to take the connector that you setup in my previous post: [DirectQuery Postgres How-To] ( /medium-posts/2019-06-15-directquery-postgres-howto/) And utilize that service to run on an enterprise gateway. I will be repeating a few steps from that post because I want this to be it's own “standalone” guide. [Read More]

DQ with Postgres from PowerBI Desktop

Table of Contents TLDR Postgres DSN Custom Connector for ODBC DirectQuery Enterprise Gateway ** Safety Briefing, this being a PowerBI custom connector, this is entirely focused on a Windows centric walkthrough as I'm not currently working with either a Linux or Mac OS environment. Not discriminating, just not available to me at this time. ** TLDR I was recently put in the situation of finding a way to reduce refresh time on a PowerBi embedded instance. [Read More]

Custom Connector in a day

Table of Contents Graph API What is Graph good for? Custom Connector Graph API The Graph API is provided by Azure to provide insights on Azure Directory users and their activities. Graph API Docs for reference. What is Graph good for? User Logins User Custom Connector In order to connect to your Graph information - logins and user activity in your active directory domain - unfortunately, a generic adapter is not yet available but this is a walk through in building your own custom connector. [Read More]