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Using PowerApps and Flows to Refresh PowerBI Dataset

Table of Contents TLDR Use Case Powerapps Microsoft Flow Powerapps Embedded Visual Alignment Outcomes TLDR Made a microsoft flow to trigger powerbi dataset refresh. Embedded a powerapp into powerbi report that contains trigger / button for said flow. Refresh button for powerbi dataset underlying report? Read more to find out! Use Case I originally started out looking for ways to cause a powerbi dataset refresh from a report. [Read More]

Building a custom connector in a day

Table of Contents Graph API What is Graph good for? Custom Connector Graph API The Graph API is provided by Azure to provide insights on Azure Directory users and their activities. Graph API Docs for reference. What is Graph good for? User Logins User Custom Connector In order to connect to your Graph information - logins and user activity in your active directory domain - unfortunately, a generic adapter is not yet available but this is a walk through in building your own custom connector. [Read More]

First post!

This is my first post, how exciting!

The one with the cloud ETL

Table of Contents Integromat Basics HTTP Calls Google APIs Scenarios Integromat Webhooks Google Fusion Tables Integromat Basics What is Integromat? It is a cloud process automation platform that utilizies integrations to perform operations via the simplest means possible. No ETL layer, no instance management, no cron jobs - just an approachable Why not just use Zapier? My main issue with zapier is that you can only integrat with the services that they have built native connectors for and in addition to that you are inherently somewhat limited on the operation chains that you can generate. [Read More]

DirectQuery with Postgres from PowerBI

Table of Contents Purpose Postgres ODBC DSN Custom Connector for ODBC Direct Query Enterprise Gateway ** Safety Briefing, this being a PowerBI custom connector, this is entirely focused on a Windows centric walkthrough as I’m not currently working with either a Linux or Mac OS environment. Not discriminating, just not available to me at this time. ** Purpose I was recently put in the situation of finding a way to reduce refresh time on a PowerBi embedded instance. [Read More]